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Welcome to IBFC – UK

A leading Training Organisation, offering specific Islamic Banking & Financial Training Courses, with a vast experience and understanding of the training needs of our clients worldwide.
We offer our clients the best and innovative solutions with unmatched contacts in this industry sector, and assist them to achieve their strategic goals through training and consultancy.
Our clients include public and private banks, corporations, insurance companies, academic institutions in UK, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia & Africa.
We ensure that the strategic goals of organisations are achieved through our following professional services in Islamic Banking & Finance:
Training & Education
  • Islamic Banking, Finance & management courses
  • Advanced programmes with an international market exposure
  • Training Programmes & Courses on Islamic Banking & Finance
Advisory & Consultancy
  • Consultancy on establishing Islamic products and services
  • Advise on areas relating to Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Project management & Product Development
research & development
  • Research in areas relating to Islamic Finance
  • Development of Sharia’h
    operating models
  • Development of Sharia’h accounting standards
Glossary of
Islamic Financial Terminology
:: Islamic Finance Overview
:: Primary Sources
:: Secondary Sources
:: Basic Economic Principles
:: Commonly used terms
:: General Prohibitions
Islamic Finance
Islamic finance has been gaining momentum on a global scale for the last 10-15 years.

Many Islamic Banks & Financial Institutions have been established over these past few years. These institutions are expanding their products and services to meet the changing demands of the global trends, and offer a credible choice to their target markets, both in Muslim and Western Countries.

Industry size is currently estimated at more than US$600 billion, with projected growth of 15% per anNum
news & Events
  • IBFC is dedicated to working with Private & Public organisations in UK, Europe & Middle East to offer expert knowledge and training in Islamic Banking and Financial Sector. (more...)
  • Established in partnership with IBFIM - Islamic Banking & Finance Institute in Malaysia. (more...)
  • Collaboration with Cardiff University - Business School and Centre of Islam. (more...)
IBFC bridges the gap between specialist Academic Institutions and Financial Organisations aspiring to offer
Islamic Banking courses or products by offering specific Financial Training Courses and Consultancy based on
Islamic principles.

In collaboration with:
Cardiff Universiry IBFIM Cardiff University Centre for the study of Islam

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